Exercise Classes

Following completion of the steps to help programme, your health care professional may refer you to a community support service such as ourselves.

What do the classes involve?

The exercise classes, ran by fully-qualified cardiac instructors, are structured specifically for heart patients. The classes start with a gradual warm-up, followed by a circuit of exercise activities such as treadmills, bikes, hula-hooping, rowers and more. These particular activities can be tackled at your own speed, comfort and expertise as well as opting to work out on your own or with a partner (a great social activity.) You can either attend the classes alone, with a partner/carer or partner up with one of the members of the class. The classes are then wound down with a steady cool down exercise as a group. The classes are around an hour but feel free to take breaks at any point you need, there is no pressure here!

How do I get involved?

Before taking part in our exercise classes you'll need to be referred by either your hospitial or GP.

Where are the classes held?

Our classes are held in the sports hall of Bethany City Church, Bede Tower, Burdon Road. This is just past Mowbray Park, so not far at all from Park Lane and the Civic Centre and is very accessible by bus. There is also free parking outside the venue too.

When are classes held?

Exercise classes take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please check the table below for our current schedule.

Monday10:00 - 11:00
11:15 - 12:15
Wednesday10:30 - 11:30
Thursday10:00 - 11:00
11:15 - 12:15